A Shade Of Earth This Spring - Trends For Blinds

A Shade Of Earth This Spring - Trends For Blinds

As we flagged in our recent blog post a few months ago where we focused on curtain fabric and upholstery fabric trends, we are continuing to see the move away from the stark whites and greys towards more neutral off white tones and beiges. This is now flowing through to blinds as well. In addition to more earthy tones, we are seeing splashes of stronger colour in the upcoming trends for blinds. We are also seeing an increasing push towards eco friendly products.

To properly show off these new trends for blinds and curtains, we have had a look at the trend boards for inspiration and how they have been applied using the Luxaflex Pirouette blind range as our example. The Pirouette range has been around for a number of years but has been recently re-coloured. Thus it is the perfect product to showcase the current colour trends for blinds.

• Bold Butter Creams:

This is a familiar colour palette that features a variety of buttercreams and muted brown tones. Use bold textures and decorative elements to create the perfect pairing within your interior space.

Bold Butter Cream Trend BoardBold Butter Cream Pirouette

• Blush Tones:

Soft blush tones and muted pinks create the perfect environment to relax and unwind. Therefore blush tones are all about creating a harmonious and restful ambience and a sense of optimism. For a sophisticated look, pair with greys and nudes. On the more retro front, pair with yellow-orange tones or browns and blues to create a vintage and shabby chic interior.

Blush Trend BoardBlush Pirouette Blind

• Forever Blues:

This theme incorporates soft blue tones to deep hues projecting a peaceful, calm, and gentle atmosphere. These forever blue colours convey complete tranquillity beneficial to the mind and body and so are ideal for living areas, study rooms and bedrooms.

Forever Blue Trend BoardForever Blue Pirouette

• Monochromatic Hues:

More than just a black and white palette, a monochromatic palette uses an ombre colour scheme with black, grey and white tones to create an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Monochromatic Hues Trend BoardMonochromatic Hues Pirouette

As with the push for more natural looking colours, we are also seeing a move to more sustainable products as well. Locally made curtains and blinds have been something that we have promoted for a number of years, but due to global conditions, we are seeing more and more fabric options being manufactured in Australia.

Another thing we are seeing is a range of fabrics that are "green" certified. Standards such as Oeko-tex 100 or Greenguard have been around for many years on curtain and upholstery fabrics. They are now becoming increasingly common to see listed on more and more blind fabrics. This is a great thing to look out for as you can rest assured that the fabric has been tested and meets strict criteria in relation to emitting harmful substances and affecting indoor air quality.

How do I get on-trend blinds or curtains?

Given how quickly the market can change, we would recommend that you have a chat with a decorator at your local Material World store. Our decorators are the best to guide you through what the current trends are and also how to best apply them to your home so that they last the test of time.

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