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How To Choose The Ideal Blinds For Every Room

Did you know blinds come in varying types and sizes that suit a multitude of uses?

Starting with the humble cost effective roller blind, utilitarian in it’s usage but can give that simple minimalist look. Roller blinds are often fitted in the window reveal to keep that tidy look where possible but sometimes they are fitted into pelmets or attached to architraves. They can roll both ways too just like a roll of toilet paper, the debate is open on that lol! The closer to the window the more thermal efficiency however the front roll tends to be the neater more popular choice. Our interior decorators can advise on the best solution for your window. Roller blinds these days also come in an array of fabrics from the plainer fabrics to some lovely textured ones and even patterns or bonded blinds using a variety of fabrics which can soften the look. There are light filtering fabrics that allow light in but give privacy, sunscreen that allow the view to be seen and of course block out fabric. Popular in family rooms, kitchens, laundries and bathrooms but also often used in bedrooms and living spaces.

Roller Blind
Roller Blind

Moving onto the Roman Blind, these are available in the blind fabrics mentioned for roller blinds but more popular than that is the Soft Roman blind which can use most fabrics to make a lined or unlined blind. The latter works beautifully in windows where you want to have a more decorative look much like curtains. Generally, when windows are too small or are unsuitable for curtains as they may have furniture underneath them or limited space we look to Roman Blinds. Often they may be in the same room as a window with curtains and we can then use the same fabrics in both for a cohesive look. Roman Blinds are usually fitted outside the reveal but can be fitted within the reveal if required. They
come with a deluxe cord lock which makes them quick and easy to open and close. They can also come with a chain much like a roller blind, this is generally used for larger weighty blinds. Roman Blinds look great in bedrooms and living spaces alike.

Roman Blind
Roman Blind

Next we have more specialty blinds. We offer the Luxaflex range of blinds and what beautiful quality products they are. The Duette (often referred to as Honeycomb blinds) is a fabulous solution for areas where you need extra thermal qualities, think of that west facing window that’s unbearably hot in
summer or that skylight where the sun is too bright and strong and you wonder why they were ever put in. This is your solution. There are single cell or multiple cell Duettes (they have the same concertinaed look) and come in block out or light filtering, they can go top up or bottom down or both and can even have a sheer at the top and a blockout at the bottom. They can also be fitted in strange shaped windows which some of us have. There is a variety of choices with regard to opening and closing, so speak to our team or come and look at our display in store for a better understanding of this blind and its many fabric options.

Luxaflex Duette Duo Lite Shade
Luxaflex Duete Blind - Duo Lite Model

Speaking about Luxaflex we offer the Silhouette and Pirouette blinds too, these have a horizontal stripe appearance, both are used in similar situations however the Pirouette is block out yet the Silhouette is room darkening so maybe not the best for those who need a very dark bedroom to use the silhouette but great in other spaces in your home. They are really a smart solution, they are a bit like having a soft venetian which offers both a sheer opening and a light filtering or block out option in the one blind. They look really simple and give the window an elegant look.

Luxaflex Silhouette ShadeLuxaflex Pirouette Shade
Luxaflex Silhouette Blind (L), Luxaflex Pirouette Blind (R)

Similar to this however in a vertical direction is the Lumishade and Luminette. Although blinds these are very much like a curtain in appearance but also offer the sheer and can be turned for the room darkening all in the one blind, just such a versatile product.

Luxaflex Luminette ShadeLuxaflex Lumishade
Luxaflex Luminette Shade (L), Luxaflex Lumishade (R)

The Luxaflex range of products are available to view instore at our Chatswood Showroom as with all our blind options or make a free measure and quote booking to have one of our interior decorators advise you on what suits your window, your home and your lifestyle.

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