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With the advent of so many apartment blocks on both the Upper and Lower North Shore of Sydney we have had many clients need our assistance. Many of these apartments often have blinds to block out but so often I am asked if we can soften the space, give more blockout, reduce traffic noise or something with a bit more thermal quality especially during summer with hot west facing windows.

Curtains have continued in popularity as they address all these issues. The most popular combination has been blockout blinds and then a lovely billowy sheer curtain to soften the room and they do this brilliantly.

Sheer s/wave curtains in Allusion bv Zepel Fabrics
Pictured: Sheer s/wave curtains in Allusion bv Zepel Fabrics.

There are a number of different curtain styles with s/wave still ever popular for its uniformity. You can also choose from the inverted box pleat for a neat finish, or knife pleat for a little less structured look. If heat, light or sound are also an issue, then a lined curtain works well to better insulate the room and reduce noise.

Sheer inverted box pleated curtains in Laconia Air bv James Dunlop Textiles.

Pictured: Sheer inverted box pleated curtains in Laconia Air bv James Dunlop Textiles.

There are so many wonderful fabrics and accessories to choose from. Some of our favourites include “Timeless” – a beautiful art deco style embroidered sheer and “Linesta” – a stunning chunky Italian linen. Drop into the showroom and let us help you make a selection to fit your home and your budget. Whether you are on the upper or lower North Shore or in Orange, Material World can make sure you get the right, local advice for your windows.

Timeless by James Dunlop Textiles.
Pictured: Timeless by James Dunlop Textiles.
Linesta by Warwick Fabrics
Pictured: Linesta bv Warwick Fabrics.
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