Big Archie by Bluebellgrey

What Fabrics Are Your Windows Wearing?

Many of us decorate our walls with art works where there is space. Many of us however only see curtain and upholstery fabrics as just serving a utilitarian purpose. Why not turn your windows into works of art? Are you brave enough to go beyond a plain or textured fabric and move into the realms of pattern?

Get the benefits of curtains whilst injecting some colour and design into your home. From the more subdued abstract to brighter and bolder prints the choice really is endless. Here are just a few fabrics that could fire the imagination.

Consider a watercolour effect to introduce some bright and funky colours…

Pictured: Big Archie by Bluebellgrey
Pictured: Big Archie by Bluebellgrey
Or bring nature inside with these stunning aviary designs… 
The Conservatory by James Dunlop Textiles
Pictured: The Conservatory by James Dunlop Textiles
Blenheim by James Dunlop Textiles
Pictured: Blenheim by James Dunlop Textiles
You can also get creative with sheer fabrics as seen below with Peninsula from Warwick Fabrics. This illustrates how you can introduce a pattern whilst keeping a neutral colour scheme for a very elegant look!
Peninsula By Warwick Fabrics
Pictured: Peninsula by Warwick Fabrics
Still not sure where to start? The decorators here at Material World can certainly recommend fabrics that will suit your home, furnishings and lifestyle.
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